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First we would like to introduce us to you

Johan and Annet, founders of the Ommekeer in 2002, a small self-service company, cooperating with nature to help people and animals.

Experiences with symptom-controlling medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and services around us had opened our eyes. It must and it can be different: With the remedying of origin, problems disappear, is a better alternative. And so said, so done.

It is a useful work to detect and correct the (disturbing) source (s) using natural elements. We will not help you with your problem, but help from it.

Confirmed results proof that those experiences are shared every time and through the international clientele. You may be following.

Get information to you, grow in knowledge and then choose the best! You do not have to be a scientist to understand that, but be motivated and interested to know more. Do you have enough knowledge, including other ways, alternatives to choose? With information on this site we are happy to help you.


  • Honesty, otherwise there is no trust base.
  • Provide help and information (alternatives) so the other is really keen on and can choose.
  • Promote health by:
    • Tackling problems and disharmony at the source, restoring balance.
    • Problem not in detail but at all.
    • Balance body and mind and work together.
    • Listen to signals, and take them seriously every time.
    • Pain is only one signal; Address origin and cause!
    • Person to be involved (inform and highlight the choices made)
    • Provide solutions that are easy, make easier choices!
    • With nature, offer more help and possibilities.
  • Independence, freedom of choice, self-reliance and involvement.
  • Respect for human, animal, plant and soil at individual and total levels.
  • Against all forms of violence, also meaningless violence.
  • Obey the [true] God as ruler rather than men.

With the above words you are not much wiser yet, but you will learn to know us better.


Various services of the Ommekeer are: (more info see details below or after free registration public)

  • Research,
  • Neutralization,
  • Therapy,
  • Disruption,
  • Provide information
  • Accompaniment.


Provide support through products that come from nature. To make the simple thought that nature co-operating you achieve more in less time! (More info, see details)

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Thanks for this opportunity to introduce the Ommekeer, and we wish you a life full of health.

Health is not everything! But without health everything is nothing !!

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